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Cutting Edge Treatment for Flaccid Paralysis
Flaccid paralysis is a condition that occurs when the facial muscles weaken due to injury or damage to the facial nerve or muscles. Those affected by this condition lose all movement in the face, making flaccid paralysis a very difficult situation to live with.
Can Stress Induce Physical Paralysis?
If 2020 taught us anything, it is that stress can wreak havoc on our lives. Stress is a powerful reaction to stimuli around the body. Job loss, financial problems, medical concerns, and fear of the future can put untold amounts of stress on our bodies. In 2020, sadly, the suicide rate among Americans sky-rocketed as many people were unable to cope with the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic brought into their lives. While stress and fear of the future can cause you to feel stuck, are there physical reactions to stress that can cause paralysis?

Pseudobulbar Palsy

Pseudobulbar Palsy
Pseudobulbar palsy is a medical condition wherein the affected individual is unable to control facial movements. Pseudobulbar palsy is medically characterized as a disease because there is no cure for the condition. Treatment for the condition focuses on treating the underlying causes of the disease and managing the symptoms.
General Approach to Facial Palsy
Your face is your most recognizable feature, and if facial paralysis occurs, it is a devastating condition with functional and esthetic effects resulting in profound quality-of-life impairment. Facial paralysis or palsy is the loss of facial movement resulting from inflammation, injury, infection, or absence of the facial nerve or facial musculature. This condition can affect people of all ages, be congenital, or strike suddenly.