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Nobody is Immune to Suffering Facial Paralysis

A doctor examining woman's face.

You may have heard recently heard news reports mentioning the condition Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. The Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, revealed on his Instagram account that the condition was responsible for his highly publicized facial paralysis. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is linked to the Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), which is also responsible for chickenpox and shingles. This… Continue reading

Three Common Causes of Facial Paralysis in Adults

Face of a young woman with facial paralysis covering her mid-face with a hand.

If you are suffering from any kind of facial paralysis, it is important to seek medical advice. While some health conditions that produce such symptoms are easily treatable, others may require a more complex medical intervention. Bell’s Palsy The most common cause of facial paralysis in the U.S. is known as Bell’s palsy. This condition… Continue reading

Mental Health Benefits of Facial Paralysis Treatment

Smiling Woman

Science Daily reports that people with facial paralysis are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. A poor self-image, isolation from social interaction, a change in their romantic relationships and even teasing or bullying can all profoundly affect your life. Facial paralysis treatment can help to improve anxiety, depression, self-confidence and more. More Active Social… Continue reading

Essential Facts About Bulbar Palsy to Understand the Condition

Facial Inspection

Bulbar palsy is characterized by conditions that arise from damage to the motor neurons of the lower cranial nerves (9 – 12). It is a motor neuron lesion that affects the nerves that control the movement of muscles responsible for swallowing, chewing (the articulation muscles) and head and neck movement, resulting in facial paralysis or… Continue reading

What Are Hemifacial Spasms (Eye Twitching) and What Are The Treatments?

Facial Picture of Woman

Eye twitching is a hemifacial spasm and is also known as tic convulsive. Symptoms of this condition tend to worsen and spread to other areas of the face over time. There’s no cure for hemifacial spasms; however, medication, injections and surgery can relieve symptoms. Symptoms of Hemifacial Spasms Initially, intermittent eye twitching is the first… Continue reading

What Is Synkinesis and How Is It Treated?

Young woman receiving facial injection treatment.

Synkinesis means “simultaneous movement,” it is essentially a faulty re-wiring of the facial nerves that causes unwanted contractions of muscles in the face. This can present itself as a forceful eye closure when smiling or other facial and neck spasms during normal facial movements. It can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, and the… Continue reading

Facial Nerve Damage Treatment Can Help Restore Your Facial Expressions

A concerned woman touching her right cheek.

The facial nerves are significant. They provide motor innervation to the muscles used for facial expression. Damage to these nerves leads to paralysis of the facial muscles, which results in muscular atrophy and weakness. Since there are different facial nerves for each side of the face, paralysis can occur on either one or both sides.… Continue reading

How Chickenpox Can Lead to Facial Paralysis

Stressed woman leaning her forehead on her hand.

The disease varicella, commonly known as chickenpox, occurs all over the world. It is a highly contagious airborne disease and is usually identified by characteristic itchy blisters that appear on the body. Other symptoms include fever, headaches and tiredness. Complications from chickenpox can occur, including inflammation of the brain, pneumonia and skin infection. However, most… Continue reading

Do I Have Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Facial Trauma

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is an extremely painful condition affecting the fifth cranial nerve in the head. Patients frequently describe the pain as “lightning bolts,” “hot fire” and “electric shocks” racing across the cheek, nose, eye, jaw and tongue. Since this large nerve branches into three sections, the condition can also affect the forehead, scalp, teeth… Continue reading

Diagnosing Paralysis with Electrical Stimulation

Doctor Diagnosis

When facial paralysis is present, an accurate diagnosis is critical to treating damaged nerves and restoring muscle function. The first step is finding the root cause of the condition. There are a variety of evaluations to determine which nerves are involved. Your specialist will examine your face and the extent of the paralysis, check your… Continue reading



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