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Often times the way Bell’s Palsy and a Stroke manifest themselves in the face is very similar. Due to these similarities, often times, Bell’s Palsy sufferers are subject to undue stress thinking they’ve experienced a stroke. Stroke’s effects on your life and phycial well-being are huge. When struck with a stroke, a person’s life often is altered in many ways. Alternately, Bell’s Palsy victims have a 90% recovery rate. Due to the vast difference in how they can effect your life, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of Bell’s Palsy and a stroke.

  1. This signs and symptoms of both Bell’s Palsy and a stroke are usually found in the face. Facial weakness that is just in the lower face usually means you’ve had a stroke. You must observe associated signs and symptoms if there is facial weakness in the upper and lower face.
  2. Patients who are younger usually suffer from Bell’s Palsy, as opposed to a stroke.
  3. Within 48 hours of a Bell’s Palsy attack, you may begin developing a change in your sense of taste, slurring of your speech, drooling, pain in the ear area, and a hypersensitivity to sound in the area closest to the paralysis.
  4. Stroke symptoms usually involve being faint, seizures, and sensory shortfalls. Stroke sufferers usually are still able to blink with both eyes and to furrow their eyebrows.

The similarities between these make it important to consult with a doctor to help you determine what you’ve suffered. At New York Facial Paralysis we will discuss what might be causing your muscle weakness and help get you on the right track to a diagnosis.

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