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Facial twitching is something many struggle with. Facial twitching is often connected to the facial nerve and a symptom of facial paralysis. It is the result of an injury or disorder involving the facial nerve, in most cases. It must be properly diagnosed by discussing your history and also through diagnostic testing. Underlying causes of your facial twitching could be Multiple Sclerosis, Dystonia, Tourette syndrome, tumor or a lesion causing pressure to the facial nerve.

Because muscle twitching is most often associated with the facial nerve and brain disorders, many people often worry. Twitching may be incredibly annoying, but when it’s caused by anxiety it’s not dangerous. It’s simply another sign that your body is reacting to stresses. The twitching can be a common sign of anxiety, although it is rarely the only symptom of this.

Why your muscles twitch is not entirely known, at least in terms of why some people experience muscle twitching and not other. However, there are two key factors that can cause it. Stress can put a great deal of tension on your muscles and your nerves. Adrenaline can also cause your twitching when adrenaline rushes throw the muscles extra energy, and these can cause your muscles to feel “off,” as though they need to move.

The most important thing to remember when experiencing facial twitching is to always consult with a doctor who can help you diagnose why you’re experiencing it, and how to treat it. Dr. O at New York Facial Paralysis can help you with your facial twitching needs. Make your appointment today.

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