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Science Daily reports that people with facial paralysis are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. A poor self-image, isolation from social interaction, a change in their romantic relationships and even teasing or bullying can all profoundly affect your life. Facial paralysis treatment can help to improve anxiety, depression, self-confidence and more.

More Active Social Life

Those with facial paralysis are more likely to stay to themselves or be reluctant to meet new people. If you socialize, it may only be with close family and friends. Social media is a great way to meet people and talk about shared interests, but it is often not enough. Humans are social by nature, so when we don’t get enough social interaction, it can lead to sustained depression that also impacts physical health. If you aren’t as self-conscious of your appearance, you may be more willing to go out in public, join social events and join your friends in activities with others you haven’t met before.

Better Romantic Relationships

Whether single and ready to meet someone new or in an established relationship that is otherwise healthy, facial paralysis can take a toll. One of the biggest hurdles for those with paralysis regarding dating is kissing. It’s an integral part of relationship progression, yet it’s not easy, especially for a partner who hasn’t encountered it before. Some people may be reluctant to date someone with facial paralysis, and treatment can bring new opportunities for relationships.

Much of the struggle when facial paralysis develops after a relationship has begun is that the person looking at themselves in the mirror no longer sees themselves the same way. However, their partner doesn’t see much difference because they still know the same person they’ve always loved. Treatment can help improve self-image, leading to better self-confidence.

Less Bullying (for Children and Adults)

Children with facial paralysis are often teased about it, especially in school, where it can be hard to make friends because they are different. Even adults can be bullied, especially in the workplace. Friends and family members might tease or joke lightly and not realize how hurtful their words can be. Treatment can help lessen the chances of bullying to show others their genuine personality.

New York Facial Paralysis may be able to help treat your facial paralysis. Call today to schedule your appointment so we can do a comprehensive exam and create a personalized treatment plan.

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