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A scared woman biting her nails looking through the window.

Many would argue that fear is the most powerful emotion. We tend to agree in many ways. During the month of October it seems like everywhere you turn, someone is trying to scare you with a haunted house, scary lawn décor, terrifying costumes and tricks (not treats) around every corner. However, New York Facial Paralysis Diagnosis, Medical and Surgical Treatment would like to assure you that these fears cannot cause you permanent paralysis in your face.

Fear can cause you emotional paralysis due to anxiety. Your body reacts to fear with anxiety. Anxiety can be considered a form of mental paralysis. Psychologically, a person is unable to move forward. A person can feel trapped and unable to escape the inability to move forward mentally (which can cause a physical lack of movement as well).

In rare cases, fear can cause a temporary facial (or even arms, legs and more) paralysis. Fear can cause hyperventilation, which can result in an inability to move certain parts of your body. In extreme cases, if you’re suffering from anxiety, you can focus so much on the way your body feels that you can make your movements conscious. This is extreme and rare, but can happen.

The good news is that is you suffer from paralysis related to anxiety or fear, there is psychological help for you. In addition, if you suffer from facial paralysis such as Bell’s Palsy, Facial Droop, Facial Nerve Paralysis, Flaccid Paralysis, etc., Dr. O works with our specialists at New York Facial Paralysis to help you through a multidisciplinary approach for treatment.

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