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New York Facial Paralysis is an establishment focused on all causes of facial paralysis and reanimation. Dr. O is a facial plastic surgeon trained in facial paralysis and reanimation. If you’re wondering what exactly is facial reanimation, continue reading to see if this treatment might be a good solution for your facial paralysis.

What is facial reanimation?
Facial reanimation is the restoration of facial symmetry and facial movement to your facial muscles.
Why would you need facial reanimation?
Reanimation surgery may be required if you have a paralyzed facial nerve that never recovered. Your paralysis may have occurred as a result of traumatic head injury, surgery, stroke, or Bell’s palsy.The type of surgery will depend on the length of the paralysis and the type of paralysis (flaccid or nonflaccid). If early, a nerve procedure may be indicated. However, if the paralysis is longstanding, a muscle transfer surgery may be necessary.
What are some movements facial reanimations can restore?
Facial reanimation can restore your ability to smile and show facial expressions. It can also restore your ability to elevate your eyebrows and close your eyes. It can also allow you to pucker. In addition to the movements reanimation can restore, it can also restore symmetry to your face.
Is facial reanimation surgery for you?
Facial reanimation surgery is not for everyone. Your age and possible underlying conditions may prevent you from undergoing this type of procedure.
How do you determine if facial reanimation is right for you?
If you’re curious if facial reanimation is right for you it’s important to contact Dr. O to schedule an appointment. She offers a variety of diagnostic testing to investigate and determine the potential causes for your facial paralysis. Depending on the nature and cause of your paralysis, it may be necessary to perform more than a basic medical history review and physical exam.

Contact New York Facial Paralysis to see if facial reanimation is the right solution for you.

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