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Facial droop is not an actual disease or diagnosis. If you have a facial droop it is a symptom or sign of an underlying condition that you may have. Due to the fact that it is symptomatic, it is helpful to know more about facial droop if you ever suffer from it.

Here is some helpful information for you if you have facial droop.

  • Your facial droop is due to an injury or weakness in your facial nerve. The causes of facial droop that will compromise your facial nerve may include: inflammation or infection of your facial nerve, stroke, trauma, head or neck injury, Bell’s Palsy, Lyme disease, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, diabetes, Sarcoidosis or Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.
  • Often times, your facial droop is isolated to one side of your face.
  • Your facial droop is often accompanied by numbness or tingling as well.
  • A facial droop may cause you to appear emotionless on one side of your face and you may appear normal on the other side.
  • A crooked smile is a common if you have facial droop. One side of your face may not be able to rise into a smile.
  • Your eyebrows may be uneven and one may not be able to be raised at all. This can be due to low tone of your forehead muscles.
  • Your eyelid may remain closed or close to closed. You may have difficulty controlling your eyelid.

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