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At New York Facial Paralysis, diagnosing your facial paralysis is our top priority. We have extensive diagnostic testing to help us get to the bottom of what is causing your facial paralysis. For the most part, your facial paralysis is linked to your nervous system. Understanding how your nervous system works is important for us, and for you as we journey to discover ways to relieve your facial paralysis.

Your nervous system is a system of nerve cells that controls your body’s reaction to external and internal stimuli. It sends impulses to organs and muscles throughout the body. Your body depends on these messages from your nervous system to survive and work properly.

You have two parts of your nervous system, the central nervous system (which comprises of the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (which comprises of all of the other nerves). The peripheral nervous system is broken into two parts which are called the somatic and the automatic nervous systems. The somatic nerves connect to the skeletal muscles and sensory nerve receptors in the skin. The automatic nerves connect to the cardiac and smooth muscles and other organs, tissues, and systems that don’t require your conscious effort to control.

Your nervous system is a complex gift offered by your body. When it’s functioning properly it’s a gift we often can take for granted. When you begin experiencing problems related to your nervous system, such as facial paralysis, it’s time to contact our facial paralysis specialists at New York Facial Paralysis.

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(212) 434-4050 (212) 371-3223 (FACE)

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