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When thinking of facial paralysis, most people think there are always clear signs of a problem. However, there are several conditions which can present with common symptoms that are not immediately noticeable. You know your face better than anybody, so the best approach is trust your instincts and consult with a specialist.

Common symptoms are not always immediately cause for concern. From momentary trapped nerves to temporary trauma, there are plenty of reasons that a person may experience facial paralysis that doesn’t last. When symptoms persist, these are some of the most common signs that you are dealing with a potentially serious health condition.

Frozen Features

The freezing of facial features is a concerning symptom. It is important to monitor general well-being in these cases, as heart attack or strokes can commonly present as a relatively minor health condition.

Facial Drooping

Drooping of the facial features should not be ignored. If you are not prepared to seek urgent medical care, ensure that you or the person affected remains conscious and cognitive. There are several life-threatening medical conditions associated with symptoms that cause drooping facial features.

Slurred Speech

If you begin to experience slurred speech without the use of drink or drugs, do not waste time in seeking medical help. Facial paralysis may be the least of your concerns. Brain tumors, strokes and heart attacks are just some of the medical emergencies that begin with loss of cognitive abilities and fine motor skills.

While most cases of facial paralysis are not life threatening, the symptoms are shared by some of the most fatal life conditions. Err on the side of caution by consulting with a facial paralysis specialist near you. Call the offices of New York Facial Paralysis today if you need guidance or to book a consultation.

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