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The loss of your smile is a heavy one. At New York Facial Paralysis, we understand the magnitude that loss plays on many aspects of your life. We know the loss of your smile causes both physical and emotional hardship. There are many reasons you may have lost your ability to smile. Bell’s Palsy, stroke and Facial Palsy are just a few of the causes for your smiling inability.

Facial paralysis usually causes you to lose the ability to move both sides of your mouth into a smiling position. Furthermore, you may lose the ability to move your eyelids. We all know that your smile is often displayed in your eyes as well. The inability to move your mouth and eyes cause you not to be able to offer a full smile.

The inability to smile can cause a great deal of frustration for you. Inside you may be beaming and joyful, however your facial expression remains the same whether you’re happy or sad. Misunderstanding and possible miscommunication can occur due to the loss of your ability to smile.

The good news is your loss of your smile does not need to be a permanent one. Dr. O at New York Facial Paralysis offers many facial reanimation options for patients who have suffered the loss of their smile. You will most likely need facial therapy as well.

Call and book your appointment at New York Facial Paralysis today. We will help you get your smile back.

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