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When it comes to any type of medical concern, the first and most crucial step is determining exactly what is going on. Without an accurate diagnosis, treatment will not be effective, and your quality of life will suffer. New York Facial Paralysis takes a comprehensive approach to determine why patients are experiencing certain symptoms. The importance of an accurate diagnosis is revealed when treatment plans work to correct and treat symptoms rather than mask their effects.

New York Facial Paralysis employs a multidisciplinary collaborative team effort to patient care. Our esteemed staff understands that for any given set of symptoms, there may be numerous potential causes that cannot be determined without further investigation. Our commitment to patients is to do whatever we can to find the exact cause or causes of your condition. Facial paralysis is an extremely complex issue because “facial paralysis” incorporates facial twitching, facial droop, facial tightness, and asymmetry in facial features. When all of these presentations of symptoms fall under the category of “facial paralysis,” thorough evaluation must be done to find the root cause of the visible symptoms.

Most often, it is necessary to perform extensive diagnostic testing that goes beyond basic medical history and a physical exam. Based on your individual case, these tests may need to include:

  • Audiogram – Hearing and balance testing
  • Electrical testing – EMG (electromyography), ENOG (electroneurography)
  • Radiographic testing – CT or MRI of brainstem/cerebellopontine angle, temporal bone, parotid gland
  • Imaging of chest to look for systemic diseases
  • Special and routine laboratory tests
  • Blood tests to look for inflammation and the presence of diabetes

New York Facial Paralysis knows that each patient we treat is an individual with unique needs and concerns. Our multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to patient care means that we can provide the most effective treatment. Your recovery and quality of life is our greatest concern. We are committed to treating each patient with dignity and care.

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(212) 434-4050 (212) 371-3223 (FACE)

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