Botox-One Possible Solution For Your Synkinesis

Synkinesis is a form of facial paralysis. Synkinesis occurs when your facial nerve is damaged. Your nerve branches can, in effect, be miswired either from faulty regeneration or when being sewn together to repair nerve damage. If you have this condition you may experience a variety of common symptoms such as:

  •  Involuntary eye closing when you smile.
  • Eye twitching when you laugh or smile.
  • The corner of your mouth may be pulled upward.
  • The corner of your mouth may droop and raise nearby muscles.
  • Chin dimpling
  • Muscle spasm increase
  • Neck and cheek tightness
  • Eye narrowing
  • Difficulty in coordination of your facial movements
  • Increased facial muscle tone 

Botox is one possible solution for you if you. It is effective because it has the ability to:

  • Reduce some muscle activity
  • Increase facial symmetry
  • Improve chin dimpling

If it is determined that Botox is to be used to treat your Synkinesis, you can expect to have an office-based procedure at New York Facial Paralysis Diagnosis, Medical and Surgical Treatment. This procedure is completely reversible, has minimal risk and lasts up to 3-4 months. 

Botox is just one of the treatments available for your Synkinesis. Surgery and facial neuromuscular retraining are also options available to you. Dr. O will determine the best plan for treatment or combination of treatments to help you as you seek relief from your Synkinesis. Call our office today. 

Posted on behalf of Dr. Teresa O, New York Facial Paralysis Center

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