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Mara RobinsonFor the past 20 years, Mara has devoted her physical therapy practice to helping patients recover from facial paralysis. In addition to evaluating and treating all types of patients with facial palsy and synkinesis, Mara lectures on facial rehabilitation at the university level, and at the International Facial Nerve Symposium. Additionally, she has published numerous research papers, recorded webinars, and teaches an in-person instructional course for interested therapists. Mara is a member of the Sir Charles Bell Society and Facial Palsy UK, international groups of medical professionals dedicated to sharing ideas about the treatment of facial palsy. Mara incorporates patient education, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular retraining as well as motivational strategies to improve function and quality of life for people who have been affected by facial paralysis. As a newly certified yoga instructor, Mara also brings meditation and mind-body awareness to her practice of facial rehabilitation.

Mara has recently partnered with Korrey Demond, Occupational Therapist and Mindset Coach, to help patients also manage the effects that facial paralysis can have on one’s mental health. Together, we have created a joint program of both facial physical therapy and mindset coaching, in a program called Empowered to Express.



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