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Ways To Naturally Help The Symptoms Of Your Bell’s Palsy
At New York Facial Paralysis, we treat patients who are suffering from the effects of Bell’s Palsy. After examining each patient, and determining how it is being presented, we will determine a plan for treatment. Most plans involve high doses of steroids and antiviral medications
Answering Some Questions About Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
At New York Facial Paralysis, we treat patients with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. This is a condition induced by infection of the geniculate ganglion of the facial nerve from the herpes zoster virus. The same virus that is responsible for chicken pox, which can resurface as a shingles rash, causes it. It can result in a painful rash in your ear and affect your facial nerve.


There are times when we, at New York Facial Paralysis, need to utilize audiograms during our diagnostic testing. An audiogram is a test used to determine hearing loss and balance. To read more about hearing loss, you can find it here. An audiogram is also used as one of the tools to help determine the reason for your facial paralysis. Audiometry is a set of measures used to identify a person’s hearing.